Sunrise Spa – Rhodes, Greece

Laser Treatments
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Triple Wavelength Hair Removal Laser

The most effective and efficient wavelength for laser hair removal treatments.​

At the Sunrise Boutique Spa we are equipped especially for you with the New Generation Triple Wavelength hair removal laser. ​ ​ Triple wavelength combination: The most effective and efficient wavelength for laser hair removal treatments. Guarantees better results in lesser time. ​ ​ The power of three is greater and better than the power of one. The triple wavelength combination is a relatively new, revolutionary innovation in the field of laser treatments. It is the safest and most complete hair removal treatment available today. Its powerful and continuous cooling technology makes the process almost painless. All the advantages of the individual lasers are combined in one small handle.

MagShape Body Treatment

This technically advanced medical machine can be used to fully activate any muscle group. ​ In contrast with physical exercise where only up to 70% muscle is active, with MAGSHAPE we achieve 100% muscle activation !!​ Specifically, with each session we perform more than 22.000 contractions. ​
Ιdeal for:
Body shaping and buttock volume - Reduction of fat and increasing muscle density​ - Arm rectification, thigh rectification

Nail Care

Manicure - (nail care, hand cream)
Pedicure - (Nail and foot care, foot cream) 
Combo Sunrise Manicure & Pedicure
Sunrise Spa Manicure  - (nail care, exfoliation) 
Sunrise Spa Pedicure - (Nail and foot care, exfoliation, foot cream massage)
Combination - Sunrise Spa Manicure & Pedicure