Sunrise Spa – Rhodes, Greece

Turkish Hamam Experience

The wonders of salt therapy have been observed around the globe for centuries.



The distictive traditional oriental baths in Rhodes

A place where time does not matter, the stress of everyday life is released, the relaxation of the body and the well-being of  mind play a leading role.
Oriental baths, ideal for spiritual rejuvenation and relaxation of the body.
The beneficial soap foam-massage, removes body toxins from the body, renewing you immediately.
An experience directly from the depths of the East, reaches our space through the experienced hands of our therapists.

Sunrise Turkish Bath Experience

You enter the Hammam area and you begin by pouring warm water on to your body for 10 minutes. This procedure helps to soften the skin and open the body's pores. Then our therapists start your exfoliation with the special KESE glove. Followed by a cloud of soap foam for a unique soapification coordinated with a light massage and reflexology. Closing with a pleasant head massage and plenty of water flowing  from the warm marble slabs. Finally we offer you traditional antitoxic Turkish tea. 

Sultan Hamam Experience

Choose the traditional version of our Turkish hammam by combining everything that can be attained in the Sunrise Turkish Bath enjoying our extra services such as an eye mask with Jade stones, a body scrub of your choice , fragrant traditional Turkish tea with fruit and baklava for an unforgettable experience from the depths of the East which stimulates your senses.