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Face Treatments


Welcome to the magical world of the Sunrise Beauty Room. A wonderful life experience, which aims in satisfying your personal needs. 

The SUNRISE BEAUTY ROOM is a modern beauty salon, spa & wellness center located in New Marina of Rhodes town. It is a pleasant and modern haven providing the most advanced technologies, ideal for facial & body treatments based on the latest developments of cosmetology, combining medical aesthetics with wellness. It a time where our lives are so fast paced, our techniques are designed on restoring body & mind to a natural state of relaxation and harmony. At the SUNRISE BEAUTY ROOM, you will find a wide range of effective treatments that can be adapted to your own needs, in order for you to have immediate and impressive results. Our knowledge, experience and our love for the odject of aesthetics will provide you immediate solutions to whatever concerns you.


Facial Cleansing with Steam

Deep Facial Cleansing is the basic skincare treatment for all skin types and all ages. With deep cleansing we aim to remove debris inside pores, dead cells and excess sebum from the skin. 
*It is recommended to apply this treatment, before any other facial treatment. 

Session duration: 55'  Key words: Hydration, Treatment 


Vitacride Treatment

This specific treatment has bleaching agents that decrease hyperpigmentation and promote even skin tone . In addition, it improves the texture, elasticity, hydration and restores the radiance and brightness of your skin complexion.

Session duration: 55" 
Key-Words: Whitening, Hydration, Radiance, Reconstruction

Caviar Treatment

A treatment that thanks to the combination of its active ingredients, nourishes and tones the skin, while maintaining skin moisture and eliminating the signs of aging.

Session duration: 55 ' 
Key-Words: Anti-Aging


Eye Resistance Treatment

Eye area treatments aim to reduce dark  circles and under eye bags.  As well as  contribute in the prevention and smoothing  of expression wrinkles. 

Session duration: 40 ' 
Key-words: Anti-aging, Treatment

Triactive Mesotherapy Treatment

Complete three-phase facial mesotherapy, rich in natural and biotechnological ingredients, which moisturizes, nourishes, regenerates and tightens your skin. Triactive is designed to meet the needs of even the most demanding complexions. 

Session duration: 55 '
Key Words: Anti-aging, Hydrating, Tightening, Regenerating


Hy-Cell Filler Treatment

A facial treatment with new generation ingredients that achieve skin tightening and visible reduction of wrinkles. Hyalufiller is an active complex of peptides and polysaccharide intended for a rapid reduction of expression wrinkles giving an immediate "botox effect" .  Its enhanced formula helps reduce fine lines on the forehead, in the glabella area (space between the eyebrows and the nose),as well as around the lip area. 

Duration of treatment: 55 ' 
Key-words: Tightening, Smoothing, Anti-aging

Aminoacid Treatment

Complete treatment of 15 amino acids.  Deeply hydrates skin, increases its elasticity, and accelerates the regeneration of its cells. The amino acids offer an immediate and prolonged glow, maintains the skin’s hydration and is a complete proposal against signs of skin aging. 

Session duration: 55 ' 
Key-Words: Hydration, Regeneration, Radiance, Anti-aging


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